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Certified Organic hair color and hair care products
I switched to these products after my cancer diagnosis and the difference in my hands from using their products on my clients in unbelievable....just think what sulfates and chemicals do to your body....use less chemicals when you can.  If it makes a differenc in your hands just think what it does for your hair. 
The All-nutrient product line is very inexpensive compared to other organic products. 

 Mention you read this on the website and get 10% off your first purchase no matter how big it is!!  
Stay Beautiful, Cyndi

 Loma    Renewable and Sustainable Beauty

What makes Loma unique is the belief that it's not just about style; but healthier, stronger, shinier hair

Loma is made in the USA,    we print our own bottles, blend our own products and fill their own bottles!  Each product is hand crafted in small batches ensuring purity. Nothing is outsourced to keep prices  affordable and reasonable.

Products sold here for Lice Prevention and Removal
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We will have them in a bag for your privacy.

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